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Bookmark Management

Advanced URL Catalog  Advanced URL Catalog 1.24
Advanced URL Catalog is a world-wide awarded software that will help you to manage your favorite urls. This software will help you store, organize, annotate, delete duplicates, password protect your database, grab url from browsers, search using multiple criteria, and many other functions. If you are tired remembering all the sites that you visit, login information and you want to keep track of them then you need Advanced URL Catalog.

LinkyCat  LinkyCat 1.21
Do you visit a lot of websites every day? Do you use several browsers or work with several computers? Do you exchange favorite bookmarks with friends? If so, you need a browser-independent bookmark manager! With LinkyCat, you can forget about synchronizing bookmarks in different browsers or on different computers, you will be able to easily give your friends your bookmarks and you can open all the sites that you frequently visit with one click.

IC Soft Site Manager  IC Soft Site Manager V1.8.5
IC Soft Site Manager® is the desktop bookmark management program that helps you manage your favorite web site links. It eliminates the need to maintain your links through the browser's bookmarks. The latest version of this software provides ability to import IE Favorites or Netscape Bookmarks and even automatically reads site title and URL from the topmost active IE Browser. It even created your own HTML web pages with your favorite sites.

Linkman  Linkman 7.10
Linkman is a complete bookmark management solution to organize, annotate and check your favorite Internet pages. You can easily add links from all opened browser sessions and let retrieve keywords and descriptions automatically. Version 7 features a desktop toolbar to make browsing faster than ever before. You can even build your own Export Templates. Linkman supports multiple versions of ten different Windows browsers.
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